Электроколяска OttoBock B400
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Электроколяска Ottobock B400

The new B400: Manoeuvrable and compact – for indoor and outdoor use

Compact dimensions and easy handling thanks to a clearly structured layout – all of this makes the B400 a highly functional power wheelchair.

At a glance

1.   Easy handling
2.   Compact and manoeuvrable
3.   Straightforward to adjust
4.   Good price-performance ratio
5.   Drive unit suspension
6.   10 km/h
The B400 offers ultimate mobility for your customers. Compact dimensions along with quick and straightforward adjustment of the seat make this power wheelchair a comfortable and versatile companion.

Thanks to a new welding-bending process, the frame and drive unit sustainer of the B400 are made from a single steel plate. This technique reduces the number of wear parts and also helps you reduce inventory carrying costs.

The high quality of the B400 has proven itself over the last few years. Now it is even more attractive thanks to its design changes, the drive unit suspension, the maintenance-free batteries and the 10 km/h option.

The P&G VR2 control unit permits rapid adaptation to the individual needs of your customers.

The B400 is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Geriatric patients and youths are the classic user groups.

1. B400 бланк заказа 2016 г.

Бланк заказа на кресло-коляску с электроприводом B400. Стандартная комплектация, дополнительное оснащение, аксесуары, фото, цены.
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