Электроколяска Ottobock E-Support
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Электроколяска Ottobock E-Support

More Mobility – The E-Support Auxiliary Drive for Manual Wheelchairs

At a glance

1.   Servo-supported drive for adaptation of manual wheelchairs
2.   Easy to install
3.   Also suitable for other makes
4.   Two drive wheels complete with integrated drive and electronics
5.   Foldable with adapted drive wheels
6.   Nickel metal hydride battery also as interchangeable battery

The E-Support servo-supported auxiliary drive for manual wheelchairs improves the mobility of your customer. It optimally supports your customer’s independent locomotion in the wheelchair. With an additional therapeutic effect: Activity is promoted by arm movements.
Motors Increase Manual Power

The E-Support is operated via the push rings. Since both drive wheels are fully equipped with the drive and electronics, you can install them on your customer’s manual wheelchair in just a few easy steps. And the wheelchair can be folded to its normal size even after the drive wheels are installed.

The servo principle is the decisive factor: Highly sensitive sensors measure the manual arm power applied to the drive wheels and then boost it electronically. We offer the E-Support in two versions. In the first version, the electric motors integrated in the wheel hubs provide 60 percent of the power; in the second version, the driver provides 25 percent and the E-Support 75 percent.

The range of the E-Support is approximately 15 kilometres. It is operated using a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery which is also available as a replaceable battery.

The E-Support is not only suitable for manual wheelchairs made by Otto Bock, but also for other makes. However, the auxiliary drive is not compatible with drum brakes, one-hand operation, wheelbase extensions, and insertable side panels.
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