Электроколяска Ottobock C2000
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Электроколяска Ottobock C2000

The C2000 is an outdoor power wheelchair. Thanks to its good suspension and innovative steering, it offers safety and comfort for your customers – even over longer distances.


At a glance

1.   For outdoor use
2.   Innovative steering
3.   Front and rear drive
4.   Good suspension
5.   High load capacity

Direct motor control of the two steering casters results in precise steering characteristics, a high level of directional stability and significantly improved manoeuvrability. The direct servo of the C2000 offers all of the advantages of conventional steering systems without the disadvantages. For example, the bothersome need to switch between indoor and outdoor mode is eliminated. This offers a high level of everyday flexibility and independence for your customers.

Another benefit: The C2000 is compatible with the full line of Otto Bock special and custom controls. This means it can be tailored precisely to the individual requirements of your customers.