Электроколяска Ottobock C1000 DS
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Электроколяска Ottobock C1000 DS

The C1000 DS distinguishes itself through high manoeuvrability and ease of adjustment. Its modular design allows for the fast and easy adjustment of all components.

C1000 DS

At a Glance

1.   innovative "Direct Servo" steering
2.   very good outdoor and indoor driving properties
3.   low seat height
4.   special controls are possible
5.   chassis with full suspension
The new steering concept of the C1000 DS makes do without the time-consuming switching between indoor and outdoor modes. Through the "Direct Servo" steering, the C1000 is capable of turning on the spot.

The individual centre of gravity shifting is a further innovation. The batteries can be shifted incrementally below the seat. This allows more traction to be applied to the drive wheels when necessary.

Then there is the Otto Bock modular concept, which makes the C1000 DS one of the easiest to service power wheelchairs in its class. Components which are used in other Otto Bock wheelchairs can also be used here. The bus system allows for the quick replacement of electrical components.