Электроколяска-вертикализатор Ottobock Xeno

Xeno - Stand up and drive

With its standing function, innovative steering system and the Otto Bock modular system, the Xeno power wheelchair is an ideal companion.

At a Glance

1.   Secure standing position
2.   Easy to adjust
3.   Good operating performance
4.   Optional special controls

With its unique standing function and innovative S3 (single servo steering) independent steering system, the Xeno (category B power wheelchair) offers more everyday mobility and independence for your customers. The seating position can be adjusted to the individual needs of your customers in a few simple steps. No special tools are required. Comprehensive service instructions provide assistance when required.

With the modular system, you save time and inventory costs because the Xeno largely consists of components that are also used in other Otto Bock wheelchairs.